Course DetailsZoho Creator Tutorial Series, Learn to build a powerful custom application in under two hours.Every organization has unique problems to solve, but one-size-fits-all software can’t always do the job. Luckily, Zoho Creator lets anyone design applications that can reduce friction in their organization. We’ll show you how.Learn How to Build Applications for Your Organization in Under Two HoursBuild Zoho Creator ApplicationsCollect information with online formsDesign reports to find or analyze informationAutomate simple tasks like sending emailsLearn the basics of Zoho Creator’s scripting languageWe’ll show you an application that would solve one of our instructor’s real organizational problems. Then we’ll reverse engineer it and show you how each part was made, so you can apply Zoho Creator’s tools to your own organization.The idea for the application we’ll build came from one of our instructors. He worked at a blood bank where it was extremely difficult to get time off. Employees had to request days off weeks in advance to have any hope of their manager approving them in time. If his organization had used the application we’ll show you how to build, the manager would have been able to respond to vacation requests faster and the employees wouldn’t have had to wait so long to find out if they could get time off.


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