Learn to Belly Dance in Short, Healthy Movement Breaks that You Can Easily Incorporate Into Your Daily Life

In this course you’ll learn to belly dance by learning a fun, energizing belly dance choreography.
Once you know how to do the choreography, you can break it out anytime that you need a quick dance break, some fun movement or just to reset your energy.
Each video is between 5 and 10 minutes, and they are designed so you can fit them easily into your day as you learn the choreography.
Belly dance is a beautiful, feminine dance form that really focuses on moving from the core with intention.  It wakes up muscles and creates muscle memory and body awareness in parts of the body that are rarely used consciously.  It involves moving your spine and pelvis (a woman’s power center) in all directions which is an amazing way to create and maintain spinal health (the key to aging gracefully) and core strength.
Having a healthy spine and core strength are both essential for maintaining health, youthfulness, agility and longevity.  You’ll also notice reduced back pain and improved nerve function and blood flow to all parts of the body.
The best part is that belly dance is so much fun!  You’ll end your practice feeling energized and uplifted yet more grounded and at home in your body.
It’s also done to music which always makes anything more fun.  Plus moving and listening to music has been proven to increase coordination and balance, improve brain function and memory, increase endurance and create overall better health.
What you can expect from taking regular belly dance breaks:
Taking regular dance breaks also offsets the damage of excessive sitting.  Did you know that sitting for extended time periods (as most of us do every day) is one of the most damaging things for your health?
The only way to offset this damages is by moving regularly and by regularly, I mean at least once an hour if not more.  Going to the gym at the end of the day won’t offset the damage.  It’s how often you move that matters, not how long at a stretch.
This course is a wonderful way to incorporate regular movement breaks into your day and reap the health benefits of breaking up long periods of sitting with some really fun, energizing and uplifting dance.


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