Course DetailsThe Day Before Payday Forecaster, Stop Those Overdraft Fees, Know Ahead, Plan Ahead. See In Advance What Your Balance Will Be The Day Before Payday.Helps prevent paying those Bank fee’s by looking ahead if you’ve overspent.You can play ‘What If’ to learn how to make your money stretch.Helps manage your spending because your regularly occurring bills automatically are subtracted from your available funds to show you how much is left over.No more math errors. All the math is done automatically so you never make mistakes and overspend.You can start this any day of the month, using your available funds to customize it to your own needs.No Advanced Math skills needed. No Advanced Computer skills needed. No Advanced Excel skills needed.What could you have bought with the money you paid the bank for those bounce fees. Stop lining the banks with your money.Plan, Forecast, Predict.Build confidence, peace of mind, knowing ahead of time your money will stretch.


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