Master the building blocks of Calculus : Limits & Derivatives

In this course,we will be covering the building blocks of Calculus : Limits and Derivatives in an interactive manner with the help of 15+ video lectures, miscellaneous examples, quizzes and solutions.
Concept of Limits: For making you familiar with the notion of the Limit.
Existence of Limits: Introduction to the Left Hand Limit and the Right Hand Limit.
Algebra of Limits: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division in Limits.
L’Hospital Rule: A handy tool to circumvent the common indeterminate forms when computing limits.
The Sandwich Theorem: To evaluate limits of functions that can’t be computed at a given point.
Limits of Trigonometric Functions: To cover the important limit identities of trigonometric functions.
Limits at Infinity: To evaluate limits at points tending to positive and negative infinity.


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