Course DetailsSAP ASE 16 / Sybase ASE – Installation and Configuration, How to install and perform initial configuration of SAP ASE / Sybase on Linux. Step by step tutorial with quizes and lab.SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise (formerly known as Sybase ASE) is a relational database management system used by companies where high performance and stability counts.There is not many good educational materials available teaching how to administer this database type, specially on Linux environment. That is why this course has been created. Specially difficult is the installation part, as a lot of manual pre-installtion and post-installation steps need to be done to have the environment ready to use. All those steps are covered in this course.If you want to be a SAP ASE professional database administrator join the course and learn step by step:How to prepare virtual machine for the courseHow to install Linux on itHow to configure Linux for SAP ASE installationHow to install SAP ASEHow to validate the installationHow the start-up procedure worksHow to start/stop ASE, how to configure it to automatic start/stopWhat environmental variables are used by ASEWhich files are the most important, what kind of information they contain and how and when it is usedHow to configure ASE to listen on external network interfacesHow to troubleshoot some common problems with installation or configurationHow to install Interactive SQL on WindowsHow to work with sp_configure and how to work with configuration filesAfter completing the course you will be able to install and configure SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise and troubleshoot the installation and configuration issues by yourself.For active participation in the course you will need:Windows computer with virtual machine, where Linux will be installed, or just Linux machine – Fedora 23 is used in the course. Fedora can be downloaded from Internet repositories.SAP Adaptive Server installation package for Linux and Windows – it can be downloaded from vendor site after registration.Course helps  in preparation towards certification exam C_SASEAA157 SAP Certified Technology Associate – Database Administrator for SAP Sybase ASE 15.7


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