Course DetailsMaster Photoshop in 4 hours: A Complete Beginner’s Guide, The Ultimate Photoshop CC 2017 beginner course that teaches you all the essentials. No prior experience required!MID-YEAR PROMOTION: This course will be FREE-OF-CHARGE for ONLY 11 days, starting from 08 JUNE 2017 to 18 JUNE 2359hrs (Singapore Time).This course is designed to teach you the ALL the essentials of Photoshop in the LEAST amount of time!6 years of experience using Photoshop condensed into a 4 hours course! This course teaches you all the necessary functions in Photoshop and does not waste time on unnecessary content. Delve into the topic and get started right away!What This Course Entails:The first 9 Sections consist of lectures to teach you everything you need to know in PhotoshopThe last Section -Section 10- is a 1 hour long Case Study Section whereby I will show you examples of how people combine different knowledge of Photoshop to achieve their goals. You will have a good idea of everyday execution of Photoshop and capable of using this software on your own.Each Lecture gets straight to the point and does not waste time on unnecessary talkingMany shortcuts, tips, and tricks shared throughout the Course to increase your efficiency and productivity when using PhotoshopBecome an Expert and get comfortable using this piece of software!You can be:Either using a Windows or Mac. Care will be taken to highlight the differences between the platforms whenever possibleEither using Adobe Photoshop CS6 or CC 2017. I will point out the differences between the user interface throughout the courseOf all ages, from all walks of life. As long as you understand basic command of English, and have an interest in learning Photoshop FAST, this course is for you!Either a total beginner who have not touch Photoshop before, or just started using this piece of software. This course is designed to teach you from scratch!What Makes This Course DIFFERENT from other courses:This Course is designed to teach you FAST, and last ONLY 4 hours!Even though the Course is short, it teaches you all the ESSENTIALS you need to know about Photoshop in a totally BEGINNER FRIENDLY way. This is possible by not bombarding you with unnecessary content (such as 3D), and delve right into the topic for every lectures.A short course gets you started right away without boring you through lengthy lectures!Updated for CC 2017 versionWho this Course is NOT for:This Course does not teach you 3D, as well as animating in PhotoshopIf you have been using Photoshop for years, and looking to learn more advanced topic, this course might not be for you as it is designed for beginners who wish to start and understand more about Photoshop


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