Learn Travel Poster Design Using Sketch App

Do you want to learn how to make awesome travel or business posters using a tool that does not take you back to class for a year? 
Hi, I’m Maurice and for the last 3 years I’ve been helping travel agencies sell their travel packages through attractive, informative and engaging posters that are mostly shared via Facebook and Instagram.
Now I want to teach you how to design YOUR OWN POSTERS with confidence.
Most graphic design material out there is only focused on the traditional Adobe suite of software. Others tell you that Sketch is ONLY good for UI Designers. I want to debunk this. This course teaches you how to design like a PRO even if this is your first time hearing about Sketch. 
What’s more there is a bonus lesson that will show you how to design a cool logo from Scratch. 
There are a lot of websites today that offer design templates but after a month you have exhausted the templates. You eventually have to spend huge sums to get a quality designer. 
I know how it feels spending your time and hard earned money working with freelance designers only to end up with not quite the poster you wanted. It is about time you took charge of your designs.
In this course you will learn how to design a proper poster and logo from scratch.
I’ll be at your side explaining my thought process along the way while we build up the poster and logo. 
After this course you’ll walk away with everything you need to feel confident to start designing your own posters using Sketch app.

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