In this course you will learn How to create an Image Gallery In JQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. In jQuery you can do many things in very easy way. Anyone can take this course who want to learn image gallery. We will start off by creating a beautiful design for our image gallery using HTML5 and CSS3 and then we will work on JQuery to make that design work. Every aspect is covered in great details.First, we will download some cool images from internet. Then we will adjust those images in photoshop. Then We will make a cool image gallery design using html5 and css3. In design, we will show the thumbnails of images on left side of gallery and image on right side. We will learn how to add awesome scroll bar in thumbnails using jquery. Then we will learn how to left and right the image in jquery and how we can choose the image directly from thumbnails. We will also learn how to show the image on large screen and how to left and right the image on large screen. Then how to close the large screen.


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