Learn how to eat healthy and understand the fundamentals of nutrition science

Now earn your Internationally Accredited Diploma in Nutrition certified by CPD Certification Service, which is an independent body that ensures qualifications are in line with the most current professional standards.
Pass Mark: 50% to secure your certificate!
Course Pre-requisite: None
Course Duration: 1-4 weeks
Course Lectures:
See Below.
Quizzes & Graded Exam:
Graded Exam
Internationally Accredited by CPD (Details in the course)
Course & Exam Location: Online
Course Description
We are facing an obesity epidemic where almost 2 billion people worldwide are overweight and 650 million are obese. This is hugely contributing to a significant increase in chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes and heart related conditions. These chronic ailments are largely preventable by following a healthy diet combined with an active lifestyle.
This free diploma in nutrition will be of great interest to all learners and healthcare professional who would like to learn the fundamentals of nutrition science. It provides an in-depth look into macronutrients and micronutrients and understand how they are essential for our bodies to grow and remain healthy.
Module-1: Introduction to Nutrition will start off by discussing nutrition and nutrients. You will understand the concept of Energy Balance, BMR [Basal Metabolic Rate], TDEE [Total Daily Energy Expenditure], figure out how to calculate them using certain equations and formulas.
Module-2: Macronutrients will dive deep into three macronutrients i.e. carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We will learn everything about them, including their classifications, types, food sources and their functions and requirements.
Module 3: Micronutrients will discuss fat-soluble and water soluble vitamins, minerals, fiber, probiotics and water. We will do an in-depth discussion in the important functions that these micronutrients play in human body, their best food sources and symptoms which may occur in case their is a deficiency of a respective nutrient in our diet. You will be also be provided a table, that depicts their daily values, adequate limit, and upper tolerable limits.
Along with visually pleasing lecture slides, you will find a voiceover presentation which explains all the slides in detail plus you will find the accompanying script in case you want to read [Helpful for people who are hearing impaired]
Practice Quizzes are also provided to get you prepared for the Final Exam.
Module 4 will provide you with 14 Nutritional Guidelines and 15 Healthy Snack Ideas and at least few diet plans both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.
Who is the course for?
-Anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy and understand the fundamentals of nutritional science
-Health & Fitness Professionals who want to help their clients with general nutrition tips/guidelines
By the end of this course, what will you Learn?
-Understand what the Macronutrients are and the role they play in our bodies
-Understand the role Micronutrients, Fiber, Probiotics & Water play in our bodies
-Understand Energy Balance. Figure out easy ways to determine BMR, TDEE
-Learn the Top Carbohydrates/Proteins/Fat sources and figure out their estimated daily requirements.
& much more!
Lastly, you there is Bonus section which provides ‘additional’ readings and resources to in-case you want more in-depth understanding of the concepts provided.


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