This course is for anyone who wants to know the results of our remarkable outcome for the Youth Reclamation Research. Th

Anybody can have an opinion, but what matters is reality. This short series shows what we found with ungovernable and delinquent youth and their families. It turned a lot of opinions on their heads and gave us invaluable information in how to effectively help kids, parents and their family most effectively. It dispels many popular myths about this population and shows that recovery is not only possible, but probable. We treated ungovernable and delinquent teens in their homes for three months as opposed to removing a teen from their home and treating them in a residential or other out-of-home placement for a year or longer. Not only did we achieve some of the highest outcome rates in the nation, but recidivism was lower because we treated the teens in their own homes, with their own parents and families and taught them how to cope with their life stresses and environment that was contributing to their delinquency.


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