Learn how to design a shirt from start to finish using free tool Canva

Do you want to learn how to create a graphic design? Do you want to create a cool and trendy shirt design without using an expensive editing graphics program? Well, you’re in the right place. In this class, you are going to learn how to design a shirt using canva, a free cloud-based editing application.
Canva is a free tool and you can use it forever. If this is your first time to design something, this class is a good start. I will show you my simple steps in creating a design.
I will show and teach you how to get an idea for a project. If you haven’t designed before, don’t worry I designed this class for people who have no background in graphic design and people who have not touched any editing software like photoshop. All the tools that we’ll be using here are completely free, no cost at all.
For the last part of the course, I will show you a free game that will improve your design skills. If you are ready to learn how to design your own graphics, enroll now and see you inside the class.


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