Harness the power of your fears to get unstuck and moving forward, with science!

Where is fear showing up in your business? Have you had some success, but now you feel stuck and unable to reach the next milestone? Are you just starting out with a great idea, but can’t get it off the ground? Whether it’s pitching investors or meeting with a new client, letting fear take control in situations where you need to shine can be disastrous for your business.
Fear shows up in all sorts of ways in business and in life… as it should! Fear is what kept our ancestors alive and what has allowed all of us to be here today.
Fear is a natural, evolutionary advantageous survival mechanism that every human has, yet we are never taught how to better manage it.
When fear controls your life, you end up playing small, making poor decisions, feeling trapped, and unable to reach your goals.
Have you ever been told to just “be fearless”? How did that work out? You most likely tried to be fearless, then felt afraid, anxious, or stressed anyway, and in the end felt ashamed because you weren’t “tough enough”. Telling someone to be fearless is about as helpful as telling them to just stop being thirsty. Being fearless is nearly impossible unless you have a major endocrine disorder or damage to an anatomical fear center like the amygdala in your brain. We all have fear, but we don’t really talk about it and we usually aren’t trained on how best to deal with it. Trying to be fearless doesn’t work, but when put into action, these evidence based strategies will.
I call it the Fear Forward Method.
There’s no cure for fear because it’s part of who you are. But, when you implement the Fear Forward Method into your decision making practice, you can begin to make fear work for you and alleviate some of it’s more detrimental symptoms.
To fear is to be human.
This workshop focuses on the everyday fears because those are the ones we can do the most about. Since I would never ask you to do something I haven’t already tried out myself, I will share with you personal stories and my own exploration work responses to help illuminate the Fear Forward methodology.
In this workshop, we will cover how the fear response works in the human body and create a toolkit of actionable strategies to help you start harnessing the power of your fears immediately. Although this workshop is not meant to be a replacement for professional treatment of phobias or diagnosed mental health challenges, it can help you change your personal relationship with fear through evidence based activities, instruction, and guidance.
Fear can be the captain of your ship or simply a passive passenger. Which will you choose?


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