Guaranteed Results.No rhymes used.Only learn and apply my method to calculate multiplication table mentally.

This short course will help you to memorize multiplication table up to 100 for lifelong within 15 minutes. Lecture 2,3,4& 5 together is of less than 15 minutes. In fact,you won’t have to memorize anything. Only learn my mental Math method to calculate multiplication tale up to 100 mentally. It will look like as if you’ve memorized the table because the method will help you calculate it mentally very fast.
This course is specially made for parents who are very busy to go through long lectures and techniques to memorize multiplication table but want to help their kids learn multiplication table in an easiest possible way. Feedback from readers of my articles inspired me to make this course so that every parents can learn it in shortest possible time and help their kids memorize multiplication table.
“Hi Niraj,
I was searching for an easy method to remember tables. My son is in second std. and finds it difficult to memorize tables from 13 onwards.
The method that you explained is really easy. I hope I’ll be able to explain it well to him so that he doesn’t get frustrated with rote learning the tables.
I wish, I knew this technique earlier, while I was in school.
By Ms Deepa.
Sir its really helpful. Thank you.
By Kavit Wankhede ·
Brilliant! Thanks! It’s very helpful.
By Ryan
wow…..nice method to learn multiplication tables…. Thank you sir….
By Suraj Jha
thank you so much….the fear of numbers is going…..I feel more confident now
By kinjal
Niraj, ths article is very useful to me,,i solve the sums so quickly and easily Thank you
By Jayashri
And much more feedback, not possible to include all of them here.Many students have been benefited already. Enroll Now and learn my tricks which will be valuable to you for lifelong.
Also enroll in my other course “The Complete Mental Math -Multiplication Table up to 1000000” .This course is the complete guide to master mental Math for all level of students. This course has many tricks to add, subtract and multiply numbers which will be helpful for beginners as well as advance users.
Note: If you’ve already enrolled in my other course “The Complete Mental Math -Multiplication Table up to 1000000”  then you may not need to enroll in this short course. As lectures in this course are already covered in that course.


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