Learn Fundamental programming languages with easy to understand examples

This course covers fundamental programming languages, starting with Linux Shell, C and Java
This course begins with the fundamentals of Linux shell with the terminal, we’ll explore a variety of areas of the shell, such as scripting, together with utilities such as grep and sed, C and Perl programming in Linux, control flow in addition to the document structure. You’ll also discover how to browse the directory structure, show the contents of directories, the best method to comprehend and operate with file permissions, the way to replicate, move, and remove files and directories. We will also cover regular expression syntax in the context of studying grep, then utilize what we have heard as we all perform.
Then we are going to begin with data types of C, then understand C’s strongest component, the pointer. Recognizing pointers makes it possible for us to grasp the inherent character of arrays and structs, parameters passed by reference, and a number of different things hidden by additional languages but vulnerable in C.
We’ll have a look at how to run the interpreter from the control line in Python, in addition to the way to do our Python source documents. Following that, we’ll learn how to control a few fundamental information types. We’ll learn about how use Python to perform simple arithmetic. Afterward, we’ll find out about working with characters and words, with a data type called the “series”. We’ll also pay for the Boolean form, which will be a representation of True and False interior of a programming language.
I hope you’ll join us for this exciting course.


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