Learn ways to understand the Holy Bible

This course is design to teach the simple way of effectively understanding the Holy Bible scriptures. My goal is to show and teach you the most effective way of understanding the Holy Bible Scriptures.
1. Are you a new convert trying to read the Bible but gets confused about what you read?
2. Have you being serving the Lord Jesus for so many years but still cannot read and understand the Bible by yourself unless the pastor reads and interprets?
3. Are you confused about the many versions of the Holy Bible out there and which one to read or use?
4. Do you lack how to apply the word of God to your everyday life?
If you answered “YES” to any or all the questions then this short course would help you solve that problem.
If you are ready to the get the most out of the Holy Bible and have a true bond with Jesus Christ, then I admonish you to follow through with the course and do according as I teach with an open mind and believe it will surely work for you


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