7 Ways African American men can ESCAPE the Cycle of Poverty

In this course, you will find the many reasons why some African-American men have not escaped poverty. According to CNN Money, about 30% of African-American men are below the poverty line. Even worse, the number of black people owning homes and businesses has declined slowly since 2012. What are African-Americans doing to keep their race alive and to show that their lives truly matter? I created this course to help individuals of color and other minority groups escape the cycle of poverty. Specifically, you will find:
Lastly, I hope you will truly enjoy this course. If you follow ALL the seven parts discussed in this course, then I guarantee that you will see some levels of financial success very soon.
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–Any questions? Email me: [email protected] (subject headline: “Black men with Poverty”; I’ll respond within 24 hrs.)   I want you to understand that with God, all things are possible. He created you for a purpose! Good luck browsing through this course and I wish you all the best 🙂


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