Secret to getting your Email into recipient Inbox all the time. How to avoid Spam. Do it yourself Inboxing

So you have a 10,000 email lead, what is next?
It doesn’t matter how big is your mailing list. If you can’t send email or your email do not reach the recipient Inbox than your mailing list is as good as just a database.
Getting email to inbox is harder than you think, if you are just sending 100 – 200 email you are probably fine. If you are going to send 10000 email or more then the challenge is how to get those email land in the recipient inbox,
You can pay for a bulk email server and send 100,000, email but they will never see the daylight of a inbox or you can be sending 10,000 email that hit inbox all the time
In this course you will learn
– Never use your own ISP or hosting server to send out email
– Never purchase a bulk email server (most of this is already blacklisted)
– Choose the right Autoresponder that have the highest delivery inbox rate
– Do it yourself emailing without using your ISP or hosting mail server (a few different options)
– DKIM and SPF (Why is this important)
– Using Amazon SES 10000 email for $1
Using FREE and PAID way to delivered your email. I show you various way.
This course cover everything you need to know on how to effectively send out email. It is the most comprehensive course available on the subject.
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