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Common English Spoken and Written mistakes 1 course assists you to make meaningful sentences. This course helps all English students levels to learn English grammar well.If you want to write or to speak well,you need to make good English grammar structural sentences.This course gives you difference of English grammar rules.Step by step, everything will be very easy to you.This course is updated regularly.New English lessons and exercises with answers are added regularly to meet your satisfaction. After completing this course,you’ll be able to: How to avoid Common English  Spoken and written Mistakes,Using Often  as an adverb,Comparison showing the difference between  simple past,present perfect,present continuous and  present perfect continuous, present simple passive and past simple passive,learn in details all English tenses with quizzes and answers, Learning the affirmative and question form in present simple passive and past simple passive,Learning how to use When or while in past simple and past continuous,Learning the difference between since and for,and Learning how to use when as an adverb of time.There always is a bonus section which contains new lessons for FREE.Feel free to ask any questions you like.Thank you for participating in this course.I will be responsive as much as I can at all times.Enjoy!


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