The quickest way of learning conversational Chinese

I am excited to announce to you that here comes the fifth sequel of College Spoken Chinese Fast Class: the quickest way of learning conversation Chinese. I am an award-winning professor of Chinese for 16 years at prestigious American colleges with two PhDs in Chinese and comparative language and literature. The quickest way of acquiring spoken language is the way we learned a language during our childhood: from mouth to mouth, without any written script. While without an explaining medium language, a baby has to figure out the meaning of the sentences from recurring situations, we, as adult learners, can even further enhance the speed by minimal, explaining medium language (here is English). The sequence of “College Spoken Chinese Series: The quickest way of learning conversational Chinese” has six courses. Each course takes you only 4 hours (30-40 minutes each day for the two dialogues of each lesson, you can finish the course in a week), the six courses will allow you to master spoken Chinese included in three year’s college Chinese curriculum (without the written character requirement of course) in just 24 hours. You will be able to conduct conversation fluently in all realms of daily life, including greeting, family, time, hobbies, visit friends, make appointment, study Chinese, school life, go shopping, weather, traffic, dining, library, renting apartment, book air ticket, traveling, college students doing part-time jobs, Chinese georgraphy, environmental protection, Chinese and American festivals, health and living, the benefits and harm of computer age, children’s education in China and in America, Chinese history, gender equality, etc. Not just random teaching of some key sentences in a situation, but full-body real-life conversation that encompasses exactly two year’s college Chinese curriculum (based on the same range of vocabulary, grammar and situation dialogues)! This sequence can be for any new-learners of Chinese, but don’t mistake it for just new learners! It is immeasurably valuable for those students who have already studied Chinese for years but need to make his pronunciation as accurate, his speech as fluent as native speakers through the teacher’s all-talking head videos emphasizing the mouth shape of pronunciation, the correct tone and sentence cadence that you cannot acquire otherwise. This course is the fifrth sequel, encompass topics such as , such as college students doing part-time jobs, children’s education, Chinese georgraphy, change of China, life and health, Chinese and American festivals, the content of which a college student has to learn in one full semester (without the written requirement), in five months.
   Each dialogue is taught in three lectures. The first lecture will teach you the meaning of each phrase and sentence in the dialogue with the help of medium language—English, but the main emphasis is to lead you speak after me through the whole dialogue as soon as you understand them. During this lecture, you may glance at the printed out PDF of the text with its pinyin text for identifying the sound with my talk-head pronunciation, particularly students who have never studied pinyin and not familiar with Chinese pronunciation. In the second lecture, I will lead you to speak through the text twice and practice the dialogue with you in a new, invented context where we act as two sides speaking the dialogue. The third lecture is an acting video in which you can review your dialogue and speak after me again. I didn’t put in pinyin subtitles in the talking head videos, because I think it will distract you from recalling the full sentence you speak after me, instead, you will just spell out the pinyin one by one mechanically, without being able to duplicate the full sentence language out of your memory when you speak after me. After the first lecture, you should not even look at the PDF while speaking after me, you should speak after me like a child learning his first language—from mouth


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