Course DetailsFive Steps to Keep your Breakup from Breaking You, The Breakup Guide: Finally Breaking Up is not Hard to do.What do you do when the relationship you’ve spent weeks, months or even years comes to end? Most don’t have a clue.  They try to deal with the situation only to find themselves in a vicious cycle of breaking up and trying again…and again…and again, because you’re a nice person and you don’t want to kick anyone out your life.I get it…but this shouldn’t be the case.Don’t let this be you…or anyone you know.And it won’t be you!  Because we’re going to talk about the breakup.  How to do it, what to do with it, and what to do if it happens to you.Tired of the cycle?Ready to get over he or she and move on?You’re totally in the right place.  Our five step process, very uncreatively called D-Method (guess what the steps start with) are just what you need to keep your breakup from breaking you.


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