Course DetailsCouch to 10K Basics – How to Prepare for Your First Run, Learn how to run a stress-free and injury-free 10K distance through a structured plant-powered approach to running.Have you been looking at the fit pictures of runners splashed on social media and wondered how they began running in the first place?Have you always wanted to take up running yourself but haven’t figured out where to begin?Did you start running at one time and gave it up because schedules went haywire or because you felt stressed out?Do you believe that you are not in the ideal shape to run?Are you looking at losing weight through running?Are you looking for a holistic approach to fitness by combining diet, sleep, exercise, and mediation?Then, without further ado, this course is just for you!This course gives you all the information you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically to adopt running as a fitness activity in just under 50 minutes and all in one place. This not only increases your preparedness but considerably reduces the time you will otherwise spend to gather information on your own because you can take advantage from the instructor’s experience who has already been there, done that!If you wish for more information and tips, and most importantly, if you have clarifications and questions, no worries! The instructor will be around at the discussion forum to assist you further. Just post your questions and he will respond to them promptly.In terms of tangible outputs, this course will enable you to run a distance of 10 kilometers in 8 weeks using the sound principles of training, exercise, nutrition, and sleep. It is guaranteed that you can achieve this milestone while being stress-free (well, little bit of positive stress is good!) and injury-free too!


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