Grade 1 London College of Music

Welcome to the 3rd course of the series Classic Guitar Essentials. Following the last 2 courses which were designed for the complete beginners, this one starts were we left off.
In this course, we will dive from the start and learn brand new SCALES, which will cover the entire fret board of the guitar, so if you are a beginner, I advise you to take it slowly and maybe take my previous 2 courses first. Then we will learn new rhythm that will open the door to more complex music like Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.
Arpeggios takes a whole section here, as it is a crucial building block in your advancement as a guitarist. If you have been watching YouTube videos, I am sure you came across it but you don’t know what it is. Here I will answer this question and many more about it.
Just like an athlete who is preparing for a marathon, you need to have the proper training if you want to become a classical guitarist. That’s why I included the section Building Technique so you feel comfortable and confident when we start playing the final pieces “Greensleeves”, “Gigue”, and “Andante Op.31” by Sor. These are all Grade 1 from London College of Music curriculum.
Even if you are not intending to take the exam, these masterpieces will provide a solid foundation of musical education for any classical guitar student. There is a wide content of musical repertoire here, all designed to take your guitar playing to a higher level than you are now.
I am excited about this course, and I hope I can help you in your journey. Start today and achieve your dream to become the classical guitarist you always wanted to be.


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