Course DetailsBecome a Successful Product Reviewer on YouTube, Learn Different Strategies to Find and Connect with Companies to get Product Review Samples.What are the benefits of being a successful product reviewer on YouTube?Get free product review samplesMake passive incomeGrow your online brandHelp consumers make choicesIn this course, I will show you everything that you need to know to get started as a product reviewer on YouTube. I was motivated to create this course because my followers on YouTube are constantly asking me how they can get started and most importantly what they need to do to get companies to send them free product samples to review. This course goes over all of that with a section that is dedicated to showing a variety of different strategies to find companies that will send free product samples. I have been doing this for nearly six years and I have been able to learn the various strategies through trial and error that allow me to get free product review samples sent to me on a near daily basis.Finally, this course will show you several strategies to make additional income from your videos. What’s great about being a product reviewer on YouTube is that it’s fun and I am able to get free product review samples and make money. I can’t think of a better hobby!


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