Just passed my AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam today! Although I have some experience working with AWS, this course provided the depth of detail necessary to not only pass the exam but also bring me up to speed on the some of the newer functionality I haven’t had an opportunity to explore on my own. A few things to note: 
Ryan, the instructor for this course, knows his AWS and it shows! He does, however, speak rather quickly in most of the videos. I grew accustomed to it but still found myself rewinding to catch details and take notes. The audio is clear, just fast. I can’t say I’d recommend changing it, but it may be challenging for some students.

After comparing this course to the actual certification exam, I’d recommend finding as many of the ‘story problem’ style questions (where you given a scenario and asked to select the proper configuration or solution to a problem) as possible. There are several included in this course but these made up the bulk of my exam and I would have benefited from more experience.

One last tip – know your networking! (Security Groups, Network ACL, etc) It seemed that the most detailed questions were network & security related.

Thank you, Ryan, the A Cloud Guru team and Udemy!


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