Max knows how to walk a person through learning a new programming language. He is very specific on the details of what you need to know and knowledgeable about what works and how it works and explains it very well. This isn’t my first course with him and it certainly wont be my last. I typically find other sources of learning including books and video tutorials on youtube, and but none do a better job at teaching you things the way Max does. In fact I came over to this course specifically after trying to learn Angular on teamtreehouse. We got to the point of learning about services and the example given worked for the teacher on that site, but didn’t work for me. So here I am working with Max again and have already learned more about Angular development, including developing an Angular application with the node packaging manager, which the other courses on those other site fail to even mention. I alos like that he keeps up notes with specifics about how to handle errors when something might not work the same for you as it did in his example. By far, Max is the best instructor I have seen in a long time


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