Course DetailsAndroid Development Working With Mysql & PHP(Live on Web), Guide for creating a PHP webserivces and creating free webhost server.This Course Is Unique in every way , not only it walk you through every step along the way from creating your free web host account, to create your Database using MySQL , to writing your web service in XML Format using PHP , to deploy it to the web server using FTP, and last consume it in the android application ,, it also help you to understand each step as much as possible ( because i been there before ) , so i am very happy to show you what i have learned so you can take my knowledge and built on it much more knowledge and use in your way.You will learn more about MySQL databases , PHP webservices in XML format , and Android Development to parse the Data using XML Parser.This course will let you be able to write your own webservices without the need for third party to help you in this field.


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