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Web Application Design and Implementation : Apache 2, PHP5, MySQL,…

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“Web Application Design and Implementation” uses a hands-on approach of the major technologies and programming languages to teach readers web development. Providing an understanding of all major aspects of web programming in order to achieve the construction of a database-driven website, the book features state-of-the-art programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Apache, Linux/Unix.

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Publisher IEEE Computer Society Press
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Format Book, Hardcover
Publication Year 2006
Language English

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Dewey Edition 22
Table of Content PREFACE. About the Author. Before We Get Started. Who Should Read this book? About The Examples. How to read this book. Acknowledgments. Introduction: Web Application Recipe. Overview. Step 1 – Understanding the problem and finding the solution. Step 2 – Designing the database. Step 3 – Major functionalities. Step 4 – Back side. Step 5 – Improvements on functionality. Step 6 – Improvements on looks. Step 7 – Thorough testing, hacking attempts. Step 8 – Presentation. Step 9 – Publication. Step 10 – Celebration (and maintenance). Chapter 1. Fundamentals. The origins of the Internet. The World Wide Web. The Web Browsers. The Web Servers. TCP/IP BASICS. The Internet Layer. The Transport Layer. The Application Layer. The Toolbox. Browsers. FTP. E-Mail Clients. Programming Tools. Other Useful Tools. Chapter 2. The Different Approaches of Web Programming. Before We Get Started. The Basics – HTML. The Creator – SGML. Other SGML-based languages – XML / XSL. The good old Java. Something different – JavaScript. The Savior – PHP. The rival – ASP.NET. The Myth – CGI. Another Big Option – Perl. The Future? – C#. Client-side versus Server-side – Which side to pick? My Choices – PHP, MySQL, JavaScript. Chapter 3. Introduction To HTML. What do you need to get started? How does HTML work? Syntax basics. File Structure. Tags Parameters. Basic Text Formatting. External References. Links. Images. Organizing Data. Lists. Tables. Frames. Special Characters. Chapter 4. Work Environment. Introduction. Downloading the Software. Installing the Apache Server. Installation Steps. Checking the Installation. Possible Errors. Configuring Apache. Installing PHP5. Testing PHP. Installing MySQL. Adding a MySQL user. How do I know if MySQL is running? Installing phpMyAdmin. Installing a Bulletin Board: phpBB. Installation Steps. Basic Security things to consider! Conclusion. Chapter 5. PHP – A server Side Scripting Language. How does it work? Some “new” words on PHP. Syntax Generalities. Instructions. Operators. Mathematical Functions. Data Types. Constants. Variables. Chapter 6. PHP Arrays and Flow of Control. Arrays. Basic Arrays. Associative Arrays. Multidimensional Arrays. Arrays Functions. PHP Program Structure and Flow of control. Conditions. Loops. Functions. Chapter 7. Using files, folders and Strings in PHP. Using Files. Folder Manipulation. Basic String Manipulation. Changing a string. Finding and Comparing. Formatting Strings. Manipulating HTML files. PHP Information Functions. Closing Remarks. Writing a basic File Explorer. Requirements. HINTS. Case Study: An Indexer/Searcher STEP 1. Overview. The Indexer – Step 1. Chapter 8. PHP5 and Object-Oriented Programming. Overview. Classes and Objects. Classes in PHP. Constructors and Destructors. Visibility. The scope resolution operator. The Static Keyword. Class Constants. Class Abstraction. Object Interfaces. Copying and Clonin
Series Volume Number 4
Dewey Decimal 006.7
Illustrated Yes
Series Quantitative Software Engineering
Copyright Date 2007
Author Steven A. Gabarro
Number of Pages 296 Pages
Lc Classification Number Tk5105.888
Publication Date 2006-12-26
Reviews “It explains all concepts at a very elementary level, and allows the novice reader (with basic knowledge of programming) to learn fundamental concepts of Web programming and practical Web design. For an experienced reader, it will provide very good overview of Web programming practices form one particular perspective, that of using opensource software tools.” ( Computing Reviews , November 25, 2008)
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