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Format: Trade Paperback
Language: English Publication Year: 2001
Region: World Publisher: Peachpit Press


Visual QuickStart Guides: JavaScript for the World Wide Web : Visual QuickStart

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For any course in Web scripting, Web authoring, Web graphics, and design that uses JavaScript. This task-based, visual reference guide features step-by-step instructions and plenty of screen shots the ideal way to get students up and running with JavaScript quickly.

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Publisher Peachpit Press
ISBN-10 0201735172
ISBN-13 9780201735178
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Format Trade Paperback
Publication Year 2001
Language English

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Dewey Edition 22
Table of Content Introduction. 1. Getting Acquainted with JavaScript. What JavaScript Is. What JavaScript Can Do. JavaScript Isn’t Java. The Snap-together Language. Handling Events. Values and Variables. Assignments and Comparisons. What Tools to Use? 2. Start Me Up! Where to Put Your Scripts. Hiding Scripts from Old Browsers. Putting Comments in Scripts. Alerting the User. Confirming a User’s Choice. Prompting the User. Redirecting the User. Redirecting the User with a Link. Browser Detection. Plug-in Detection. Around and around with Loops. Checking if Java Is Enabled. Functions. Putting More Than One Script on a Page. Scrolling Status Bars. Status Bar Messages. 3. Fun with Images. Creating Rollovers. Creating More Effective Rollovers. Putting Multiple Rollovers on a Page. Triggering Rollovers from a Link. Multiple Images Changing a Single Rollover. Working with Multiple Rollovers. Using a Function to Simplify Coding Multiple Images with a Single Rollover. Using a Function to Simplify Coding Multiple Rollovers. Creating Cycling Banners. Making the Banner Cycling Wait for the User. Adding Links to Cycling Banners. Building Slide Shows. Building Wraparound Slide Shows. Displaying a Random Image. Displaying Multiple Random Images. Combining a Rollover with an Image Map. Automatically Changing Background Colors. 4. Frames, Frames, and More Frames. Keeping a Page out of a Frame. Forcing a Page into a Frame. Forcing a Site into a Frame. Loading a Frame. Creating and Loading a Dynamic Frame. Sharing Functions between Frames. Storing Information in Frames. Loading Multiple Frames at Once. Browser Detection with Frames. 5. Working with Browser Windows. Opening a New Window. Loading Different Contents into a Window. Opening a New Window Using an Image Link. Scrolling a Window. Updating One Window from Another. Creating New Pages with JavaScript. Closing a Window. Creating a Control Panel. Positioning a Window on the Screen. Displaying an Alert when a Window Is Loaded. 6. Validating Forms. Verifying Passwords. Select-and-Go Navigation. Selecting Menu Items. Working with Radio Buttons. Setting One Field with Another. Validating Zip Codes. Validating Email Addresses. 7. Forms and Regular Expressions. Validating an Email Address with Regular Expressions. Validating a File Name. Extracting Strings. Formatting Strings. Formatting and Sorting Strings. Formatting and Validating Strings. 8. Making Your Pages Dynamic. Putting the Current Date into a Web Page. Working with Days. Customizing A Message for the Time of Day. Displaying Dates by Time Zone. Converting Military Time to AM/PM. Creating a Countdown. Working with Referrer Pages. Writing Text into a Document on the Fly. Date Methods. 9. Handling Events. Handling Windows Events. Mouse Event Handling. Form Event Handling. Key Event Handling. 10. JavaScript and Cookies. Baking Your First Cookie. Reading a Cookie. Showing Your Cookies. Using Cookies as Counters. Deleting Cookies. Handling Multiple Cookies. Displaying New to You Messages. 11. Introducing CCS. Saying It with Style. Styles with Class. Changing Fonts with CSS. Checking Your ID. Styles and Spans. Distinguished Links. Positioning Absolutely. 12. Working with DHTML. DHTML Browsers & Standards. Moving an Object in Two Dimensions (Netscape 4.x only). Moving an Object in Two Dimensions (IE Mac and IE Windows). Moving an Object in Two Dimensions (Netscape 6 only). Moving an Object in Two Dimensions (Cross-browser). Moving an Object in Three Dimensions (Netscape 4.x only). Moving an Object in Three Dimensions (Netscape 6 only). Moving an Object in Three Dimensio
Illustrated Yes
Dewey Decimal 005.2/762
Age Level Trade
Series Visual Quickstart Guides
Copyright Date 2001
Author Dori Smith, Tom Negrino
Edition Number 4
Number of Pages 448 Pages

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