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Publication Year: 2015
Format: Paperback Language: English




Start Programming Using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Paperback by Fajfar, Iztok…

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This undergraduate textbook is written in a form of a lively dialogue between two students and a professor on their way to explore the world of computer programming. The book is organized into 12 thematic chapters, supported by working examples in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each chapter contains practical homework problems, and a list of related keywords. The general structure of the book is multilayered: the basic language syntax and rules are fleshed out with the contents and structure while still keeping the discussion simple and manageable. The main body of the text is accompanied by four appendices, including abbreviated references for the three covered languages.

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Publisher CRC Press LLC
ISBN-10 1498731449
ISBN-13 9781498731447
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Format Paperback
Publication Year 2015
Language English

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Dewey Edition 23
Table of Content Content and Structure Opening Introducing HTML The Tools Minimal HTML Document Formatting a Page Building a Sound Structure Homework Discussion Lists and Tables Generic and Elements Sectioning Elements Hyperlinks Character Entities Presentation Homework Discussion Setting up a Web Server Introducing CSS CSS Values CSS Properties CSS Pixel Unit More Control over Style Homework Discussion Class Selectors ID Selectors Grouping Selectors Nesting Selectors The HTML Ancestry Tree Inheritance Determining Style Specificity Relative Sizes Understanding CSS Boxes Homework Discussion CSS Box Model Element Display Positioning and Element Flow Containing Block Hiding Elements Floated Elements Special Selectors Behavior Homework Discussion Server Side Includes Introducing JavaScript Values and Types Operators and Expressions Controlling Program Flow Homework Discussion Statements Design a Simple Program Type Conversions Introducing Objects Homework Discussion switch Conditional Math Object do/while Loop Date Object Understanding Arrays and Strings Homework Discussion Array Object for Loop Array Methods String Object Understanding Functions Homework Discussion Writing Function Definitions References to Function Objects Variable Scope Passing Function Arguments by Reference The Scope Chain and Closures Building Your Own Objects Homework Discussion JavaScript Objects Revisited Classes Constructor Overloading Factory Methods The prototype Object More on Setting and Querying Object Properties Sudoku Puzzle Helper Using JavaScript to Control the Browser Homework Discussion Deeper into the Browser Events Scripting Documents Timer Events Scripting Styles Introducing Forms User Interface Homework Discussion Using Family Relations to Manipulate Elements Completing Math Worksheet Generator Completing Sudoku Puzzle Helper Appendix A: Solution to the Last Homework: Sudoku Generator Appendix B: Ways to Continue Appendix C: HTML Mini Reference Appendix D: CSS Mini Reference Appendix E: JavaScript Mini Reference Index A homework problem appears at the end of each chapter.
Series Volume Number 17
Dewey Decimal 006.7/6
Illustrated Yes
Series Chapman and Hall/Crc Textbooks in Computing
Copyright Date 2015
Author Iztok Fajfar
Number of Pages 450 Pages
Lc Classification Number Qa76.73
Publication Date 2015-09-25
Lccn 2015-020329

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