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Pro HTML5 Games: Learn to Build your Own Games using HTML5 and JavaScript by…

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Build your next game on a bigger scale with Pro HTML5 Games . This essential book teaches you to master advanced game programming in HTML5. You’ll learn techniques that you can transfer to any area of HTML5 game development to make your own professional HTML5 games. Led by an expert game programmer, you’ll build two complete games in HTML5: a strategy puzzle game based on the Box2d physics engine and in the style of Angry Birds and a real-time strategy (RTS) game complete with units, buildings, path-finding, artificial intelligence, and multiplayer support. This new and fully updated second edition now includes chapters on mobile game development and an essential game developer’s toolkit. Understand how to develop complex, bolder games and become an HTML5 games pro using Pro HTML5 Games today. What You’ll Learn Create realistic physics in your game by incorporating the Box2d physics engine Design large worlds with lots of characters and let users interact with them Use sprite sheets, panning, parallax scrolling, and sound effects to build a more polished game Incorporate pathfinding and steering to help characters navigate through your world Create challenging levels with intelligent enemies by using decision trees, state machines, and scripted events Add multiplayer in your games using Node.js and the WebSocket API

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Publisher Apress L. P.
ISBN-10 1484229096
ISBN-13 9781484229095
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Format Trade Paperback
Publication Year 2017
Language English

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Width 7in.
Length 10in.

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Number of Volumes 1 Vol.
Table of Content 1. HTML5 and JavaScript Essentials.- 2. Creating a Basic Game World.- 3. Physics Engine Basics.- 4. Integrating The Physics Engine.- 5. Creating a Mobile Game.- 6. Creating the RTS Game World.- 7. Adding Entities to Our World.- 8. Intelligent Unit Movement.- 9. Adding More Game Elements.- 10. Adding Weapons and Combat.- 11. Wrapping Up the Single-Player Campaign.- 12.Multiplayer with WebSockets.- 13. Multiplayer Gameplay.- 14. Essential Game Developer Toolkit.
Illustrated Yes
Copyright Date 2017
Author Aditya Ravi Shankar
Edition Number 2
Lc Classification Number Qa75.5-76.95

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