Learning JavaScript by Powers, Shelley-ExLibrary

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Publication Year: 2006 Format: Paperback
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Learning JavaScript by Powers, Shelley-ExLibrary

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“Learning JavaScript” introduces this powerful scripting language to web designers and developers in easy-to- understand terms. Using the latest examples from modern browser development practices, this book teaches readers how to integrate the language with the browser environment, and how to practice proper coding techniques for standards- compliant web sites. By the end of the book, they’ll be able to use all of the JavaScript language and many of the object models provided by web browsers, and should be able to create a basic Ajax application.

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Publisher O’reilly, Incorporated
ISBN-10 0596527462
ISBN-13 9780596527464
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Format Paperback
Publication Year 2006
Language English

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Dewey Edition 22
Table of Content Preface1. Introduction and First LooksTwisted History: Specs and ImplementationsCross-Browser Incompatibility and Other Common JavaScript MythsWhat You Can Do with JavaScriptFirst Look at JavaScript: Hello World!The JavaScript SandboxAccessibility and JavaScript Best Practices2. JavaScript Data Types and VariablesIdentifying VariablesScopeSimple TypesConstants: Named but Not VariablesQuestions3. Operators and StatementsFormat of a JavaScript StatementSimple StatementsConditional Statements and Program FlowThe Conditional OperatorsThe Logical OperatorsAdvanced Statements: The LoopsQuestions4. The JavaScript ObjectsThe Object ConstructorThe Number ObjectThe String ObjectRegular Expressions and RegExpPurposeful Objects: Date and MathJavaScript ArraysAssociative Arrays: The Arrays That Aren’tQuestions5. FunctionsDefining a Function: Let Me Count the WaysCallback FunctionsFunctions and RecursionNested Functions, Function Closure, and Memory LeaksFunction As ObjectQuestions6. Catching EventsThe Event Handler at DOM Level 0Questions7. Forms and JiT ValidationAccessing the FormAttaching Events to Forms: Different ApproachesSelectionRadio Buttons and CheckboxesInput Fields and JiT Regular ExpressionsQuestions8. The Sandbox and Beyond: Cookies, Connectivity, and PiracyThe SandboxAll About CookiesAlternative Storage TechniquesCross-Site Scripting (XSS)Questions9. The Basic Browser ObjectsBOM at a GlanceThe window ObjectFrames and Locationhistory, screen, and navigatorThe all Collection, Inner/Outer HTML and Text, and Old and New DocumentsSomething Old, Something NewQuestions10. DOM: The Document Object ModelA Tale of Two InterfacesThe DOM and Compliant BrowsersThe DOM HTML APIUnderstanding the DOM: The Core APIThe DOM Core Document ObjectElement and Access in ContextModifying the TreeQuestions11. Creating Custom JavaScript ObjectsThe JavaScript Object and PrototypingCreating Your Own Custom JavaScript ObjectsObject Detection, Encapsulation, and Cross-Browser ObjectsChaining Constructors and JS InheritanceOne-Off ObjectsAdvanced Error-Handling Techniques (try, throw, catch)What’s New in JavaScriptQuestions12. Building Dynamic Web Pages: Adding Style to Your ScriptDHTML: JavaScript, CSS, and DOMFonts and TextPosition and MovementSize and ClippingDisplay, Visibility, and OpacityQuestions13. Moving Outside the Page with AjaxAjax: It’s Not Only CodeHow Ajax WorksHello Ajax World!The Ajax Object: XMLHttpRequest and IE’s ActiveX ObjectsWorking with XML-or NotGoogle MapsQuestions14. Good News: Juicy Libraries! Amazing Web Services! Fun APIs!Before Jumping In, A Word of CautionWorking with PrototypeScript.aculo.us: More Than the Sum of Its PeriodsSabre’s RicoDojoThe Yahoo! UIMochiKitQuestionsAppendix: AnswersIndex
Illustrated Yes
Dewey Decimal 005.13/3
Copyright Date 2007
Author Shelley Powers
Number of Pages 352 Pages
Lc Classification Number Qa76.73.J39p7 2007
Publication Date 2006-10-27
Lccn 2006-287223

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