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JavaScript : Your Visual Blueprintfor Building Dynamic Web Pages

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* Features more than 500 oversized, annotated screenshots and a companion Web site with all the code from the book * Demonstrates over 100 key JavaScript tasks, such as using buttons to trigger events, detecting browsers, changing text and link colors, working with forms and frames, and determining environment properties * Each step is illustrated with callouts that show the reader exactly where the action occurs on the screen * JavaScript remains extremely popular for use in interactive Web pages

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Publisher Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, John
ISBN-10 0764574973
ISBN-13 9780764574979
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Format Paperback
Publication Year 2004
Language English

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Dewey Edition 22
Table of Content HOW TO USE THIS BOOK. CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCING JAVASCRIPT. Introduction to JavaScript. Enter a JavaScript Statement into the Address Bar. Embed JavaScript in an HTML Document. Link an External JavaScript File. Present Content to Non-JavaScript Enabled Browsers. Add a Comment to JavaScript Code. Protect the Source Code. CHAPTER 2: USING VARIABLES AND ARRAYS. Understand Variable Types. Declare Variables. Assign Values to Variables. Display Integers. Display Floating-Point Numbers. Display Booleans. Display Strings. Determine Variable Type. Convert Strings to Numbers. Convert Numbers to Strings. Declare an Array. Declare a Multidimensional Array. Determine the Number of Elements of an Array. Convert an Array into a String. Sort an Array. Remove Elements from an Array. Add Elements to an Array. CHAPTER 3: CREATING EXPRESSIONS. Using the Arithmetic Operator. Increment and Decrement Values. Create Comparison Expressions. Create Logical Expressions. Identify Numbers. Evaluate an Expression. Inform the User with an Alert Dialog Box. Enable User Input with a Prompt Dialog Box. Enable User Decisions with a Confirm Dialog Box. CHAPTER 4: HANDLING EVENTS. JavaScript Events. Detect a Mouse Click. Create Rollover Buttons. Detect a Key Press. Detect a Modifier Key Combination. Set and Remove Focus. Onchange Event. Handle the Page Load and Onunload Operations. Execute a JavaScript Statement from an HTML Link. Attach an Event to an Object. Determine the Element That Received the Event. Determine Which Mouse Button Was Pressed. Cancel Browser Events. CHAPTER 5: CONTROLLING PROGRAM FLOW. Limit Executions with If-Else Statements. Using Conditional Operators. Optimize Performance with a Switch Statement. Create a For Loop. Continue and Break Loops. Handle While Loops. Create a Timed Interval. Set a Regularly Timed Interval. Declare and Call a Function. Handle Global and Local Variables. Pass Parameters to a Function. Return a Value from a Function. Increase Script Performance. CHAPTER 6: UTILIZING STRINGS. Determine the Length of a String. Select Portions of a String. Change the Case of a String. Extract Characters from a String. Escape a Text String. Encode a URI. Regular Expression. Match the Character in a String. Replace Characters in a String. CHAPTER 7: WORKING WITH HTML FORMS. Develop HTML Forms. Reference Form Elements. Validate a Text Box Value. Validate a Password Field. Work with a Hidden Element. Validate Text Area Input. Work with a Button Element. Apply Reset and Submit Buttons. Alter Check Box Properties. Determine Selected Radio Button. Work with a Selection List. Basic Form Validation. Create a Select Element Navigation Menu. Block an Enter Key Invoked Form Submission. Advance the Text Field Focus with the Enter Key. CHAPTER 8: WORKING WITH DATES AND TIMES. Use the Date Object to Display Dates. Get the Date and Time Components. Set the Date and Time Parts. Convert Dates to Strings. Check If a Date Is in a Range. Convert Between Time Zones. Create a Countdown Timer. Create a Running Clock with Images. CHAPTER 9: USING THE MATH OBJECT. Employ Mathematical Constants. Apply
Illustrated Yes
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Series Visual Blueprint
Copyright Date 2004
Author Eric Pascarello
Edition Number 2
Number of Pages 336 Pages
Edition Description Revised
Lc Classification Number Qa76.73.J39
Publication Date 2004-10-15
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