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Javascript in an Instant (Read less – learn more) by Toot, Michael S. Paperback

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Using the award-winning Visual learning system, this compact guide shows visual learners how to get up and running on the core tasks in JavaScript – which they’ll use over and over again. Concise, step-by-step instructions and consistent placement of elements make fast learning of essential JavaScript tasks. Essential coverage includes the most popular features of JavaScript, including assigning values to variables, declaring functions, creating instances, working with frames and using buttons.

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Publisher Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, John
ISBN-10 0764536591
ISBN-13 9780764536595
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Format Paperback
Publication Year 2002
Language English

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Dewey Edition 21
Table of Content 1. Introducing JavaScript. Enter JavaScript Statements in the URL Field. Embed JavaScript within an HTML Document. Link to an External JavaScript File. Present Content to Non-JavaScript Browsers. Add Comments to JavaScript. 2. Using Variables and Arrays. Declare Variables. Assign Values to Variables. Using Integers. Using Floating-Point Numbers. Using Boolean Values. Using Strings. Determine Variable Type. Convert Strings to Numbers. Convert Numbers to Strings. Declare an Array. Determine the Number of Elements in an Array. Convert an Array into a String. Sort an Array. 3. Creating Expressions. Using Arithmetic Operators. Increment and Decrement Variables. Create Comparison Expressions. Create Logical Expressions. Using Conditional Operators. Understand Precedence. Evaluate String Expressions. Identify Numbers. 4. Controlling Program Flow. Using if-else Statements. Using for Loops. Using while Loops. Break Loops. Continue Loops. Using JavaScript Timers. Set Regularly Timed Intervals. Clear Timeouts and Intervals. 5. Working with Functions. Declare a Function. Call a Function. Pass Parameters to a Function. Return Values from a Function. Call a Function from an HTML Link. 6. Handling Events. Detect a Mouse Click. Detect a Double-Click. Create Rollover Objects. Detect a Key Press. Set Focus. Detect a Pull-Down Menu Selection. Create Page Loading and Unloading Messages. 7. Using Objects. Understand Objects, Properties, and Methods. Using Web Page Element Objects. Using Subobjects. Using Predefined Objects. Create New Objects. Refer to the Current Object. View Object Properties. Using the Array Object. Using the image Object. Preload Images. Change Images. Using the link and anchor Objects. Change Links. Using the history Object. 8. Working with Windows. Using the window and document Objects. Display Text on a Browser’s Status Bar. Change Background Colors. Change Text and Link Colors. Change the Document Title. Display the Modification Date. View the URL of the Current Document. View the Referring Page. Open a New Browser Window. Close a Remote Window. Print a Window. Move a Window. Resize a Window. Inform the User with an Alert Dialog Box. Accept Input with a Prompt Dialog Box. Enable User Decisions with a Confirm Dialog Box. 9. Working with Strings. Using the string Object. Work with Substrings. Concatenate Strings. Format String Variables. Build Anchors and Links. Determine String Length. Change Case. Search within a String. Locate Characters in a String. Replace Text in a String. Split a String. 10. Working with Dates and Times. Using the date Object. Display the Time and Date. Get Date and Time Values. Set Date and Time Values. Work with Time. Work with Ti
Illustrated Yes
Dewey Decimal 005.13/3
Series Visual
Copyright Date 2002
Author Kelly Murdock, Michaels. Toot
Number of Pages 264 Pages
Lc Classification Number Qa76.73.J39t66 2002
Publication Date 2002-02-08
Lccn 2001-098184

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