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Format: Paperback Publisher: Sams
Publication Year: 2002 Weight: 4.2 lbs
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JavaScript Developer’s Dictionary by Alexander J. Vincent

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A well-organized, high-quality and detailed reference to the JavaScript language designed specifically for experienced Web developers.

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Publisher SAMS
ISBN-10 0672322013
ISBN-13 9780672322013
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Format Paperback
Publication Year 2002
Language English

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Dewey Edition 21
Table of Content Introduction.I. CORE JAVASCRIPT. 1. Object( ).Description. Creating a New Object. Properties. Methods. Example: Creating a Persistent Reference to this.2. Function( ).Description. Executing a Function. Properties. Methods. Example: Using the Function( ) Objects’ Source Codes.3. Array( ).Description. Properties. Methods. Example: An Extensible switch Function.4. String( ).Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Strings in HTML.5. Boolean( ).Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Shorthand for an if Statement.6. Date( ).Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Detecting Daylight Savings Time.7. Number( ).Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Implementing Complex Numbers in JavaScript.8. Math.Description. Properties. Methods. Example: A Logarithm Function for Multiple Bases.9. RegExp( ).Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Regular Expressions and Text Exercises.10. Error( ).Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Creating and Using Errors.11. The Global Object and Statements.Top-Level Objects. Top-Level Functions. Statements. Controlling How a Script Runs.12. Operators.The Primary Assignment Operator. Arithmetic Operators. Comparison Operators. Boolean Operators. Bitwise Operators. Word Operators.13. JavaScript Syntax.Parentheses, Square Brackets, and Curly Braces. Quote Marks. Semicolons, Colons, Commas, and Periods. Literals. ASCII and Unicode. Comment Lines //, /* … */.14. Conditional Compilation in Internet Explorer.Description. Statements. Objects. Compatibility with Netscape Browsers.II. WINDOW AND CLIENT OBJECTS. 15. Window.Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLFrameSetElement / … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLFrameElement/ . Description. Methods. HTMLIFrameElement/ . Description. Properties. Methods. Example: A Basket of Windows.16. location.Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Sending Information from One Page to Another.17. history.Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Moving a Separate Frame Back.18. navigator.Description. Browser Sniffing, the Incorrect Way. Properties. Methods. Example: Browser Sniffing, the Correct Way.19. screen.Description. Properties. Example: Redirecting Based on Screen Resolution.III. DOCUMENT OBJECT MODEL FOR HTML DOCUMENTS. 20. Core DOM Objects.Attr. CDATASection. CharacterData. Comment. Document. DocumentFragment. DocumentType. DOMImplementation. Element. Entity. EntityReference. Node. NamedNodeMap. NodeList. Notation. ProcessingInstruction. Text.21. HTMLElement.Description. Elements That Are HTMLElement Objects. Properties. Methods. Methods.22. HTMLHtmlElement.Description. Properties. Methods.23. HTMLDocument/document.Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLBodyElement/ … . Description. Properties. Methods.24. Head Elements.HTMLHeadElement Interface/ … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLBaseElement/ . Description. Properties. HTMLMetaElement/ . Description. Properties. Methods. Example: Automatic Refreshing. HTMLTitleElement Interface/ … . Description. Properties. Methods.25. Form Elements.HTMLFormElement interface/ … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLButtonElement Interface/ … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLFieldSetElement Interface/ … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLIsIndexElement Interface/ . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLLabelElement/ … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLLegendElement/ … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLOptGroupElement/ … . Description. Properties. Methods. HTMLOptionElement/ . Description. Properties. Methods. Descri
Illustrated Yes
Dewey Decimal 005.13/3
Copyright Date 2002
Author Alexander J. Vincent
Number of Pages 1200 Pages
Lc Classification Number Qa76.73.J39v56 2002
Publication Date 2002-05-29
Lccn 2001-094226

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