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Publication Year: 1999 Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
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Dynamic Web Programming : Using Java, Javascript and Informix

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This practical resource is the first guide to building media-rich, interactive, data-driven, dynamic Web applications using Java, JavaScript, and the Informix Web Integration Option. The CD-ROM contains a complete copy of Informix Dynamic Server.2000 Personal Edition, Web Integration Option software, and custom templates for designing and building database-driven Web sites.

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Author Graham Harrison
Number Of Pages 950 pages
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Publication Date 1999-12-17
Language English
Publisher Prentice Hall PTR
Publication Year 1999

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Table Of Content
I. THE IMPORTANCE OF DYNAMIC WEB APPLICATIONS. 1. Introduction.Who Should Use This Book. What You Should Be Familiar With. How to Use This Book. Informix Web Products Overview. Summary.2. Web Applications The Generation Gap.Introduction. First-generation Web Applications. Second-generation Web Applications From Static to Dynamic. The Informix Generation Third-generation Web Applications. The Next Generation. Summary.3. Dynamic Web Solutions Managing the Digital Value Chain.The Customer Solution Cycle. How to Web Enable the Installed Applications. Intranet Information Repositories. E-Commerce and Online Catalogs. Total Web Systems Integration. Summary.4. Introduction to Dynamic Web Application Development.Basic Terminology. Web DataBlade Application Components. What Is the Web DataBlade? What Is JavaScript? How Does JavaScript Differ from AppPage Script? What Is Java? How Does Java Differ from JavaScript? Summary.II. DYNAMIC WEB PROGRAMMING WITH JAVA, JDBC, AND JAVASCRIPT. 5. Create Dynamic Web Pages Using JavaScript.”Hello World” Using JavaScript. Create Dynamic Web Pages with Frames and JavaScript. Mixing JavaScript with AppPage Scripting Variables. Using JavaScript to Display the Results of a Database Query. A JavaScript Summary. Integrating JavaScript with Java The Basics of LiveConnect. Scrolling Images from the Database. Creating Dynamic Selection Lists. Submitting Queries without Reloading the Page. Performing a JavaScript Text Search of the HTML Page. Summary.6. A JavaScript SQL Explorer.What Is the JavaScript SQL Explorer? How the JavaScript SQL Explorer Works. Managing Web Content and Related Information. Using the JavaScript SQL Explorer. Putting the Tree Together–The Basics. Drawing the Tree. Implementing and Customizing the JavaScript SQL Explorer. Summary.7. Informix Java Database Connectivity.What Is JDBC? Types of JDBC Driver. The Informix JDBC Type 4 Driver. Browsing the JDBC API. Configuring the JDBC Driver. Informix Client/Server Connectivity. Database Environment Properties for the JDBC API. Connecting to the Database. Testing Your JDBC Connection Using JLogin. Using the JDBC/ODBC Bridge. Summary.8. Essential JDBC Programming.Setting Variables in the JDBC Environment. Mapping DBMS Datatypes to JDBC Datatypes. Executing SQL Statements and Retrieving Data. Error Handling. Managing Transactions. Calling Stored Procedures. Working with Large Objects. Managing Large Objects Using Java Forms. Debugging JDBC. Performance Tuning the Informix JDBC Driver. JDBC API Methods Not Supported by the Informix Type 4 Driver. Summary.9. Integrating Java Applets with the Database.Serving Java Applets from the Database. Integrating Dynamic Web Pages with Java Applets. Summary.10. Creating Distributed Applications Using RMI and JDBC.Understanding Remote Method Invocation (RMI). Creating a Multitier Database Application Using RMI. Implementing RMI in Applets. A Working RMI Applet Example. Connecting to the Database from the RMI Server Host. Parameterising Connection Information. Summary.11. A Simple Java SQL Editor.What Is the Java SQL Editor? Why Is This Example Useful? Java SQL Editor Functionality. Java SQL Editor Component Summary. The Java SQL Editor Design. Invoking the Java SQL Editor. Establishing a Database Connection. Listing Tables and Table Information. Executing Queries and Displaying Results. How Query and Display Works. How the Java SQL Editor User Interface Works. Handling SQL Editor Events. Understanding the Protocol Handler. Managing the JDBC Layer. Summary.III. DYNAMIC WEB DATABLADE PROGRAMMING. 12. Web DataBlade Architecture.Web DataBlade Architecture. How Dynamic Page The hands-on guide to building database-driven Web sites for the enterprise! This is the first practical, step-by-step guide to building media-rich, interactive, data-driven dynamic Web applications using Java, JavaScript, and Informix. Graham Harrison walks you through every technique needed to construct sites that support high-volume, scalable, dynamic database-driven content. You’ll also find in-depth, never-before-published techniques for integrating Java and JavaScript with the industry’s most robust enterprise database technologies, Informix Dynamic Server with the Informix Web DataBlade. Coverage includes: Writing effective Java and JavaScript code against a Web database: practical techniques and extensive sample code Creating Distributed Java applications using RMI, JDBC, and Informix Dynamic Server Constructing dynamic large-scale Web applications using the Informix Web Datablade Powerful tips and techniques for managing enterprise-class content for mission-critical sites Web application performance tuning-including extensive coverage from the web server to the database Integrating Java, JavaScript, and the Web DataBlade to leverage the power of each Techniques for Informix Dynamic Server-UNIX and NT! Dynamic Web Programming brings together “from-the-trenches” insight, industrial-strength code, and never-before-published information for integrating Java, JavaScript, and enterprise databases, using Informix Dynamic Server as an example. Whether you’re a developer, site administrator, DBA, or IT analyst, if you build database-driven enterprise Web applications, you’ll find it utterly invaluable. CD-ROM INCLUDED Included on the CD-ROM is a computer-based training course chosen especially for this book, plus Informix Dynamic Server/Universal Data Option, Informix’s powerful Web DataBlade software. You also get exclusive custom templates and source code for creating high-performance database-driven websites, including Java applets, JavaScript utilities, and Web DataBlade applications!

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